Connection Diagram



             Connection Diagram of the Terragauss System to ground: masses,  transformer, electronic equipment and                                 lightning rod.                              

a) Masses and impedances coupler.

b) LCR device.

c) Cathodic protection tip.

d) Bonding bar.

e) Construction steel, metal water pipes or metal structures.

f) Metallic tower structure or metal structures.

g) Electromagnetic electrode.

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Selection of the Grounding System Terragauss

To select the adequate TERRAGAUSS  grounding system for grounding equipments, the full charge current of each of the equipment must be calculated:

The sum in amperes of the different equipment to be grounded, determines the require capacity of the  TERRAGAUSS grounding system.  If there is a transformer or a UPS,  as these two feed the total electrical system, their capacity is the one to be considered in the calculation of the full charge current.  

Example: To select the model of grounding system TERRAGAUSS to ground a transformer with 150 kVA, three-phase, with and output voltage of 220 V,   the full charge current of the transformer is calculated by applying the formula :

For this charge of 394 A, the adequate model is the TERRA-400 (see product catalog), which is capable of supporting a capacity of 400 A.

Selection of the Lightning Rod System Terragauss

To select the lightning rod system model and the quantity of systems to be installed, the type of installation to protect and the perimeter to be protected (large and wide) must be taken into account. One lightning rod system covers an area of 160 meters in diameter. If the installation is a Telecommunication Site, the required model is the TERRA-PR1, for any other type of installation, the model to use will be the TERRA-PR2. 


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