Ligthning Rod System





How is Ligthning Formed?

The water molecules inside a cloud are constantly colliding with each other, creating electrostatic charges. Usually the positive charges are located at the top part of the cloud and the negative ones at the bottom. Statistical studies realized around the world show that 95% of the clouds have negative charges at the bottom. When there is an excess of charges, these look for a discharge path to earth, generating the lightning.

Usually the clouds send descending guides with negative charge and the earth sends ascending guides with positive charge; when these guides touch each other, they break the dielectric rigidity of the air and the lightning is formed, which is accompanied by high temperatures, voltages and currents.


Features of the Lightning Rod System Terragauss

The electromagnetic Lightning Rod System TERRAGAUSS is designed to avoid a 95%  probability of a lightning falling down in a diameter of 160 meters, because it generates a negative electric field, which, by the principle of repulsion of equal charges, prevents that  lightning fall down within its protection area. For the remaining 5% it offers a safe dissipation path to ground, providing a less than  two Ohms permanent resistance.


The electromagnetic lightning rod system consists of five elements:   


- Cathodic protection tip

- Masses and impedance coupler

- LCR device

- Electromagnetic electrode and

- Hygroscopic electro-conditioner compound

The most important characteristics of the system are the following:

1. Itavoids the lightningincidence by 95% and for the remaining 5% offers a protection area of 160 meter in diameter at protection level 1.


2. Lower equipment and installation costs. Less installation time.

3. It protects from all the atmospheric discharges, regardless the intensity or the amount of lightning within the guarantee time.

4. It guarantees a permanent resistance of less than 2 Ohms.

5. It works even in partially vandalized sites and  offers a multi-landed system that allows draining the lightning even if the site is vandalized, and maintains equipotential.

6. It does not require any type of maintenance.

7. TERRAGAUSS offers a 10-year operation guarantee.