Grounding System




What is a grounding system?

When there is a fault in electrical and electronic equipments, the electrical current might go to metal structures, metallic water pipelines, ducts and cables, compromising  the physical integrity of human beings by generating  step and touch tensions or it could damage the equipment. To avoid these problems the equipment must be grounded, connecting it by means of cables to buried rods or electrodes; these electrodes drain the current into the subsoil, based on the principle that current always goes to the point that offers less resistance.           

Features of the Grounding System Terragauss

The electromagnetic grounding system TERRAGAUSS is the latest generation of its kind, designed to provide absolute safety to the physical integrity of people, protection of the electrical and electronical equipment, as well as  better consumption of energy in transformers. It is a one-directional, multi-landed system that drains the faults at

different points and conducts any type of induction into the subsoil.


The Terragauss grounding electromagnetic system consists of four elements:


-Electromagnetic electrode

-Masses and impedances coupler

-LCR device and

-Hygroscopic electro-conditioner compound.



The most important characteristics of the system are:


1. It allows reach and maintains a resistance of less than 2 ohms in a permanent way.  


2. It dissipates any current that has been induced from the ground or metallic structures such as: lightning, radio frequencies and electromagnetic interferences, parasitic currents, etc., avoiding damage in electrical         and electronic equipment.


3. There are less installation costs by employing less electrodes, ducting, welds, pits, man power, etc., and less installation time.


4. It achieves a potential difference between neutral and ground of less than  0.5 V. It offers a permanent logical zero reference by avoiding potential gradients between neutral and ground, as it ensures the proper functioning of the equipment that are very sensible to voltage changes.


5.- It provides an equipontential between the Terragauss system and landed metallic structures, in a diameter of 160 m. , avoiding the time and cost of civil work (conductors, connectors, tubing, pipes, etc.), by not requiring interconnection with other systems.


6. It minimizes  touch and step tensions protecting the person´s physycal integrity.


7. It  increases the availability in cellular sites, avoiding the current inductions that damage the equipment or alter the signals.


8. It reduces the inefficient consumption of energy in transformers, improving the power factor, because it reduces the magnetic reluctance.


9. It reduces the harmonic distortions, muffles frequency variations between 60 Hz and 3.5 GHz, and minimizes noises and radio frequency interferences.


10. It reduces vandalism by using fewer cables and still working and maintaining the equipontential even with the cables vandalized, because it offers a multi-landed system that allows drain currents, until the cables are replaced. Also, Terragauss reduces vandalism by offering cables and connection ring solutions in galvanized steel.


11. It does not require any type ofmaintenance.


12. It offers a 10-year operation guarantee.